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Welcome OLB Legacy Daughters to the 1st Legacy Day Celebration

We are proud to have you as Legacy Daughters, the future of Beta Sigma Phi.


Legacy Day began in 1957 with the enrollment of Walters Ross' three granddaughters, Linda, Judy and Laura ~ the daughters of Walter's son Bill and Jack respectively. In 1992 the International Legacy Day saluted 30,000 legacies. Today the number of Legacy Daughters is over 48,000. Legacies receive a Legacy Newsletter and a

birthday card annually.

Introduction of Legacies

Katherine P

Bobbie Jo P

Anne B

Emily P

Katie S

Kendra T

Katie K

Monica S

Kate H

Jennifer G

Macey D

Mara B

Suze T

Taylor H

Ansley D

Devan A

Holly C

Lauren P

Sarah T

Ashley G

Amy L

Michele R

Jaelin W

Stephanie B

Daughter Poem

                   "My Baby Girl and Me"
                         by John Trapani

There is no greater treasure, than this gift sent from above.
My precious baby girl and me, we share a bond called love.
Late at night, the house is still, and no one's here to see.
We look into each other's eyes, my baby girl and me.

I can't with words express to her, this love that's felt so deep.
As I watch my precious girl, as she drifts off to sleep.
These quiet times that we both share, while everyone's asleep.
Thoughts of just the two of us, memories I'll always keep.

As I hold her oh so close, this girl I call my own.
So sad the thought; my baby girl, will someday be full grown.
But 'till that time she's mine to hold, and rock with quietly.
Enjoying every moment shared, my baby girl and me.

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