Explanation of Chapter Roster Design

All members are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


If you ever see OM next to a member's name on a roster, that signifies that that member officially belongs only to this Online Beta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.  Perhaps at one time, she had been a member of a land chapter, but for whatever reason, she now is a member of just this online chapter.  Any further degree rituals and special rituals that she is eligible to receive will be conducted online only.  Her information of when her next degree is due, or when she is approaching any of the other special rituals:  Order of the Rose, Silver or Golden Circle will be kept on this website in the Executive Dashboard, 

Looking at the Chapter Roster page, you will first see 30 photographs of OM sisters that currently hold the degree of: Torchbearer (Purple); Master (Red); Laureate (Green); Preceptor (Blue); Exemplar (White); and Ritual of Jewels (Black).  The year written next to some of the names is the year this member's ritual degree was conducted online.

The 35 sisters that follow with the pink name labels are also members of this Online Beta chapter; but, officially belong to their individual land chapter.  This means that the record keeping of degree progression and when special rituals are approaching are kept at their land chapters.

As of 1 February 2021, Online Beta has 65 active members.  

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