Officer Installation

Officer Insta1lation 1

Installation of Officers 1//We are assembled now to install the officers of Online Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.

Officer Insta1lation 2

Installation of Officers 2//President// ___________ , to you has come an honor and a real opportunity. We have chosen you to be our constituted leader through the coming year, with full faith in your integrity of character, your loyalty to our ideals and your fidelity to the trust imposed upon you.//May it be your resolution, therefore to represent the member- ship faithfully and truly, and to foster harmony and unity in all our undertakings.//To you, all officers and committees look for guidance and assis- tance. To you they are responsible for the fulfillment of their du- ties.//To you, in the fulfillment of this obligation, each member pledges full allegiance.//You accept a privilege and assume a responsibility to have a part in the cultural and social life of your community, your state, and your nation.//In your acceptance of the office of President, will you pledge yourself to these obligations?//Answer, �I pledge myself, to the utmost of my ability, to accept and fulfill the duties of the office of President.�

Officer Insta1lation 3

Installation of Officers 3//Retiring President: On behalf of Online Beta Chapter, I now present to you this gavel, symbol of authority, and token of the trust we hold in you.

Officer Insta1lation 4

Installation of Officers 4//Vice-President// ___________ , as Vice-President of this Chapter you are highly honored by our sisterhood. You are entrusted with a number of important and traditional duties. The most important of these is assuring the future of our chapter through careful and enthusiastic rushing. Second to that is the training of new members for full participation and enjoyment in Beta Sigma Phi. In the absence or disability of the President you are responsible for assuming her duties. As Chapter Hostess, you will extend the traditional courtesies to our members and our guests.//In the absence of the Treasurer, you are authorized to assume her duties.//You are expected to give full cooperation and loyalty to our President and to foster and promote chapter unity at all times.//In your acceptance of this office will you pledge yourself to assume these responsibilities and to accept these obligations?//Answer, �I pledge myself, to thy utmost of my ability, to accept and fulfill the duties of the office of Vice-President.�

Officer Insta1lation 5

Installation of Officers 5//Retiring Vice-President: On behalf of Chapter, I present to you this Book of Beta Sigma Phi, symbol of your duties and as a reminder of the traditions and courtesies of our sisterhood.

Officer Insta1lation 6

Installation of Officers 6//Recording Secretary// , as Recording Secretary you are the custodian of thischapter�s history and the transcriber of its activities. It becomes your opportunity and your responsibility to transcribe faithfully the minutes of our meetings, and to keep these minutes at all times available to the President and the chapter. In addition to these duties you are especially obligated to prepare and forward to the International Office the monthly reports and minutes required to ensure our chapter�s good standing in the International Organization.//Will you pledge yourself to the careful fulfillment of these duties?//Answer, �I pledge myself, to the utmost of my ability, to accept and fulfill the duties of the office of Recording Secretary.�

Officer Insta1lation 7

Installation of Officers 7//Retiring Recording Secretary: On behalf of Online Beta Chapter, I present to you our minute book, in which you shall record a full and accurate report of all our meetings, our attendance and our activities.

Officer Insta1lation 8

Installation of Officers 8 //Treasurer// __________ , as Treasurer of this chapter, you become the trusted custodian of chapter finances. It is your duty to collect and disburse all monies of the chapter. You are required to keep an accurate account book of such receipts and disbursements, to give a report of these at each regular meeting, and to submit your account to the Executive Board for auditing at the expiration of your term of office. It is your responsibility to maintain the financial integrity of the chapter in every way possible, and to give prompt attention to the payment of financial obligations due to or by the chapter at all times.//Will you pledge yourself to the conscientious fulfillment of these duties?//Answer, �I pledge myself, to the utmost of my ability, to accept and fulfill the duties of the office of Treasurer.�

Officer Insta1lation 9

Installation of Officers 9 //Retiring Treasurer: On behalf of Online Beta Chapter, and as property of your office I present to you the account book of our chapter. This book has been audited and balanced under the approval of the Executive Board and is now entrusted to your care with full confidence in your integrity.

Officer Insta1lation 10

Installation of Officers 10//Ceremony for Chapter Members//As a member of the International sisterhood of Beta Sigma Phi and of this chapter, I recognize the importance of my full support for the chapter and its elected officers. I pledge myself to give that support and my loyalty. I confirm the right of each member of the chapter to her own opinion and affirm that I will abide by chapter decision, whether that decision coincides with my own opinion or not.//I promise to offer to the chapter the best that is in me, the best ideas of which I am capable, the best effort at my command, and the fullest understanding and friendship for each of my sisters. I realize that my chapter cannot consider my opinions if I do not express them.//And I promise to offer to the chapter every good and constructive idea I can, realizing as I do so that not every idea can be used and the will of the majority must be followed. When I am a part of the majority I will have every consideration for the needs and desires of the minority and when I am part of the minority, I will extend the same thoughtfulness and consideration.

Officer Insta1lation 11

Installation of Officers 11//The members of Online Beta Chapter have affirmed their loyalty to the chapter and to you, as its elected officers. Does every member of this chapter now reaffirm the pledges just made? Answer, �I do.�

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