Ritual of Jewels

Ritual of Jewels 1

Ritual of Jewels 1//Sisters, we are gathered together again to receive instruction in Life, Learning and Friendship. The beliefs of our Sisterhood are now written upon your minds and imprinted in your hearts.//You remember that you were given a torch as a symbol of woman-hood and a light of learning to guide you in a queenly quest.//By that light you were inspired to know the first great lesson of our sisterhood, which is the fellowship of Beta Sigma Phi, a vision of the pure white flame of love. Have you kept that lesson in your heart?//If so, answer, "I have." Candidate(s) responds

Ritual of Jewels 2

Ritual of Jewels 2//Do you believe that you have taken that love into your minds and into your heart until it is a living, glowing part of you to the end, that it guides you and you in turn guide others? The answer is, "I do."//Candidate(s) responds

Ritual of Jewels 3

Ritual of Jewels 3//Then you have proven yourself worthy. //But the torch leads onward. Sometimes darkness and difficulties threaten, and long ways will grow wearisome. Knowing this, are you ready to follow the light? If so, answer, "I am ready." Candidate(s) responds

Ritual of Jewels 4

Ritual of Jewels 4//Pause now and consider. In the months past, as a pledge of Beta Sigma Phi, were there not times when it was hard to have faith under the stress of daily life, and when the ideal seemed a thing of only words instead of living love, when it was masked by self-concern or self-doubt? Know that these are the trials we must all endure as we continue our way onward toward the light. Even so, is it still your desire to proceed? If so, answer, "it is." Candidate(s) responds

Ritual of Jewels 5

Ritual of Jewels 5//Advance then in further light and privilege and receive the next high lesson of our sisterhood, the lesson of beauty. //Think of the great torch held aloft and see that white light passing through a crystal prism, to come out on the other side in color - red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and violet. //The white of love passes through the prism of your life and comes out to compose for you the spectrum of beauty - six hues from one white light, six great perfections of yourself, six wonderful aspects of love.//By the light of love, all things are beautiful.

Ritual of Jewels 6

Ritual of Jewels 6//The Red ray of that flame shall be courage - that courage which shall make us fearless in pursuit of our ideals, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish, that virtue without which nothing is achieved and talent is wasted.//The Yellow of that flame shall be vision - which give enthusiasm to courage, that attribute which is the perception of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen.//The Blue of that flame shall be humility - the sense of proportion which makes us meek in the presence of the miracle of being. It is the sense of honor which causes us to seek good for others and, when we have done a favor for another, to forget what we have done.

Ritual of Jewels 7

Ritual of Jewels 7//The orange of that flame shall be loyalty - that unswerving purpose which accepts every result without discouragement and keeps us true and steadfast in obligation. //The Green of that flame shall be fellowship - that love of comrades which displays itself to those who wear our pin and extends itself in consideration and enjoyment of all fellow beings, that warm flow without which life is a barren waste.//The Violet of that flame shall be service - born of humility and courage, the gift of yourself to life. It is that performance of duty which lightens the burdens of another; for in loyal and loving service to others, the love of self is forgotten.

Ritual of Jewels 8

Ritual of Jewels 8//The Sum of all these colors is beauty. With them we shall paint loveliness on the canvas of life. And the sum of these rays shall be light, that perfect light - beauty, love, and truth. //The symbol of these six colors and these virtues shall be the six jewels you shall wear, a token of special recognition, the second pin of our sorority.// Once before you pledged yourself to love, and as you have come to evidence that love in your thoughts, conduct, and purpose.//Will you now pledge yourself of beauty? Will you make your mind a place of loveliness? And, though you journey to the ends of the earth alone, without a sister near, with only yourself to see, will you keep the torch burning bright and steady in your heart, and, living in beauty, shed its light throughout the world?//If so answer, "I will." //Candidate(s) responds.

Ritual of Jewels 9

Ritual of Jewels 9//Come forward and receive the jewels of the Ritual of Jewels degree. When you have received them, accept them with these words, "I pledge myself to loveliness."

Ritual of Jewels 10

Ritual of Jewels 10//Now know the names of the jewels you are privileged to wear, which will represent the six flames of beauty you now carry in your heart. They will be visible to the world only as the white light of love shows through our lives and in our purposes and ideals. These jewels are the six symbols of - repeat their names after me - courage, vision, humility, loyalty, fellowship, and service.//Just as the white light of existence shining through experience is transmitted into gorgeous colorful life, so shall the flame of love passing through you divide itself into six lovely attributes, six radiant hues combining to produce the perfection of our quest, speak to you of beauty.//Through the spectrum of beauty, you shall see that smile on nature's face where light and color join in harmony with the movement of living creatures.//Through the spectrum we shall see how to make of life a festival every day. It shall unfold for us the numberless flowers of spring, the waving branches of trees, the starry skies, the tumbling seas, the rising and the setting sun.//The universe shall be its home. We shall learn that beauty is truth, and truth, beauty. We shall learn the ultimate beauty - that truth is the shadow of perfection, the form and color of eternal good. Forget Not This Lesson of the Light.

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