Order of the Rose

Order of the Rose 1

Order of the Rose 1//Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together to confer an honor on one who has highly honored us, to give evidence of our appreciation to one who has given generously of herself to our organization and to our way of life.//We are met here to confer the exalted Order of the Rose of Beta Sigma Phi on a cherished and devoted member whose thought, conduct, and purpose reflect the highest ideals of Beauty, Love, and Truth.//__________________, will you please stand here beside me to receive from us this recognition and this honor.

Order of the Rose 2

Order of the Rose 2//As a pledge of Beta Sigma Phi I bear this Torch - a symbol of the light within my soul - a guide to lead me from the darkness of selfishness into the light of love and loving service to others.//But when my footsteps falter, when my light seems dim and my heart is faint, I am not alone and my Torch is not my only guide, for, in the Golden Circle of Friendship of Beta Sigma Phi there are those, like you, who from the wisdom of your mind and from the kindness of your heart inspire and guide me.//As a pledge of Beta Sigma Phi I present to you this token of gratitude for your inspiration and guidance; the yellow rose of our sorority signifying the purity and wholesomeness of our undertaking

Order of the Rose 3

Order of the Rose 3//The Torch of Learning is many-colored though the flame is forever one. The white Light of Love comprises the whole spectrum of Beauty - as Love and Loveliness are both one and many hued.//The red of the flame is an ever-burning brand, a badge of the brave and the strong.//I present this Torch as a symbol of your dauntless and undeviating pursuit of the principles of Beta Sigma Phi.//In gratitude for the virtue of your courage, I give you the Rose of Beta Sigma Phi

Order of the Rose 4

Order of the Rose 4//It is written: "WHERE THERE IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH." In Beta Sigma Phi we dream of noble things. We dedicate ourselves to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. We open our hearts and minds in gratitude and growth to all avenues of love and loveliness. We follow the Torch. We are seekers of the Light.//I present this Torch as a symbol of the high ideals of Beta Sigma Phi.//In gratitude for your vision I give to you the yellow rose of Beta Sigma Phi.

Order of the Rose 5

Order of the Rose 5//It is written: "BLESSED ARE THE MEEK." In Beta Sigma Phi we learn that the attirement of the Queenly Woman is not in flaunting garments of pride and personal aggrandizement, but in the gentler qualities which grace a life with consideration and courtesy, constructive action for the good of others, and service free from selfishness.//I present this Torch as a symbol of that perspective which keeps us reverent before the miracle of being, and respectful toward our fellowman.//In gratitude for your humility I give to you the Rose of our Sisterhood.

Order of the Rose 6

Order of the Rose 6// Though we be tested many times, though we be sorely tried, yet have we promised to make every sacrifice and exert every effort in the fulfillment of the ideals of Beta Sigma Phi.//Though we journey to the end of the earth alone, with only the inner eye to see, yet have we promised to be steadfast in our obligation.//I present this Torch as a symbol of our earnest and unswerving purpose.//In gratitude for your unfailing loyalty I give to you the Yellow Rose of our Sisterhood.

Order of the Rose 7

Order of the Rose 7//The full meaning of the friendship of Beta Sigma Phi can never be fully expressed in words. It lies deep in our hearts.//Like the Phi of our emblem, it is the golden circle embracing all other meanings and giving to us a union of unbroken strength.//It begins with the intimacy and enjoyment of our chapter sisters and extends in time to the ends of the earth and to all mankind.//I present this Torch as a symbol of our love for one another and for our fellowship.//In gratitude for the blessing of your friendship I give to you this yellow rose.

Order of the Rose 8

Order of the Rose 8// IN LOYAL AND LOVING SERVICE TO OTHERS THE LOVE OF SELF IS FORGOTTEN.//In the beginning we pledge ourselves to this goal. In the achievement of this goal we lighten the burden of one another. We further the purpose of our organization: Life, Learning, and Friendship. We reach the realm of Beauty, Love, and Truth.//I present this Torch as a symbol of our goal, our gift of our Self to Life.//In gratitude for your unselfish service to others I give to you this rose whose heart, like yours, is opened in full-blown blessing to the world.

Order of the Rose 9

Order of the Rose 9//As the sum of all colors is loveliness and the sum of all light is that perfect luminosity, the WHITE LIGHT OF LOVE, so, the sum of our purposes in Beta Sigma Phi is to translate into life this love and loveliness; to make life a masterpiece through renunciation of selfishness, and through appreciation and expression of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.//As we go forward together we draw ever nearer to our ultimate desire, the PERFECT.//I present this Torch as a symbol of the WHITE LIGHT OF LOVE.//It is my privilege to place in your hand and keeping this perfect flower, and with it to present the emblem of the ORDER OF THE ROSE OF BETA SIGMA PHI. May it be to you a permanent token and perpetual reminder of our love and gratitude.

Order of the Rose 10

Order of the Rose 10//In the time of Diotima, in the place of Mantinea, the rose was dedicated as the Queen of Flowers. Her sovereignty has never waned. Regal in form, enchanting in color, exquisitely fragrant, she lends her majesty as graciously to the humblest garden as to the stately acres.//It is fitting, therefore, that the rose, choicest among the many beautiful blossoms of this earth, should have been chosen as the flower of Beta Sigma Phi. It is fitting, also, that the yellow rose, joyous and sunny is its hue, should be the flower of our organization.//It is dear to us for its freshness and purity. In times of sorrow, and in times of gladness it is with us, always a reminder of the special love and understanding of our Sisterhood.//Such dearness, such all-encompassing grace, such special love and understanding as are symbolized to us by the yellow rose are the same qualities which cause us to nominate you for the exalted Order of the Rose of Beta Sigma Phi.//As you have honored us, so would we now honor you.//

Order of the Rose 11

Order of the Rose 11//Let us repeat in unison our Closing Ritual.//May we imagine ourselves standing together in a circle and repeating the Closing Ritual://"Eternal Father, Shepherd of the Stars, guide us that we may follow only the good, only the true, only the beautiful. Hold aloft to us the guiding torch of wisdom and help us to push on, undaunted toward its light. Illume our souls with Thy wisdom that we in turn may light the way for those who follow us. If the road we take seems obscured in dust, give us skill and grace to pave it with stars, to transmute the dust into star dust. Grant us such clearness of vision, such sweetness of spirit, such earnestness of purpose, that we may follow the torch to our goal."//Please join cyberhands: "May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from the other."

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