Torchbearer Ritual

Torchbearer Ritual 1

Torchbearer Ritual 1//You come here today to take your rightful place as a Torchbearer of Beta Sigma Phi. Through your many years of service and study, you have reached the highest pinnacle of the Beta Sigma Phi experience. It is now as always, your place to shed the light of our torch for all sisters to follow and by your life, lead them in the ways of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. As you continue on your path, you now will light the way for yourself, and those who follow.//The Master Ritual was meant to be the zenith of your Beta Sig- ma Phi experience. Like so many other things in our sorority, you strove for more ways to give yourself to your organization, your sisters, and your families. Because of this, you deserve an- other step on your journey, another degree to mark the continued growth you have achieved.

Torchbearer Ritual 2

Torchbearer Ritual 2//You have lived your life like a shining light representing the long held attributes of our organization.//Red is for your Courage, the courage to test yourself with new challenges and to encourage those with less experience to try.// The color yellow stands for your Vision, the vision to become a sister in Beta Sigma Phi, to find other women of like minds and hearts to add to those following the torch and to see those sisters through eyes of love, not judgment.//Blue stands for Humility, an attribute that could have been easily overlooked as you become skilled in the ways of our sisterhood, but instead you have chosen to spread your light over all who surround you.//Orange stands for Loyalty, an attribute your fellow sisters cherish and one that is apparent as we honor your many years in sorority.//Green is the color of spring and of Fellowship, it is this color and this attribute that has kept you young at heart and spirit for all the years of your sisterhood.//And finally, Violet, the color of the attribute of Service, a standard you have set high through all the years of your endeavors. You have always given more to others than you have taken for yourself. In all these attributes you have been a leader and it is only fitting now that you take your place as a Torchbearer to further shed your light on these values.

Torchbearer Ritual 3

Torchbearer Ritual 3//Again there is a consistency in the candlelight surrounded by darkness, a continuity that began when man first received the gift of fire, it could be used for good or ill as the recipient chose. You and all who receive this degree have proven that your choice for your fire was good. You lit a torch from that fire and have carried it all your life to lead yourself and others to the good, the true and the beautiful. Mankind has always had a need to band together for protection and even more for comfort and love. You have chosen this tribe of women to be your home and now you take your place at the pinnacle of that tribe, able by your shining example, to light the way for all the others.

Torchbearer Ritual 4

Torchbearer Ritual 4//Every sister who came before has touched your life through her experience and love of Beta Sigma Phi and your life will do the same. Daily it will radiate a pool of light that others will be bathed in and know the true meaning of that life. One day you will be ready to lay down your burden. When it is time, you will not lay down your torch but you will pass it to another, so that the experience will not be lost. You will go on to the next phase, to the undiscovered country from which no one returns - to pick up your torch and light your way and the way of those who will one day follow. Know that those sisters you will leave behind will hold you in their hearts forever and the light from your torch will burn brightly in their hearts forever.

Torchbearer Ritual 5

Torchbearer Ritual 5//We long for your stay to continue, we are all enriched by your knowledge, your humility and your love. May your life be one of peace and beauty where you are always surrounded by your sisters. We will always be able to find you by the light your torch will shed, as we will still see its light when you have passed from us. Light is the fastest thing in this world, once it is kindled, it travels forever out into the darkness lighting the way. Your life is like that, when your life was kindled, the flame was thrown out into the world, to travel outward, ever onward, to act as a beacon for all who see it. There is still much before you and still, out of the darkness, comes the light and the light will not go out forever.

Torchbearer Ritual 6

Torchbearer Ritual 6//In your last Ritual, you focused on the color red, of Courage, because your leadership in the organization was well represented by that color. Now your color will be purple, or violet, the color of Service. It is your mantle to use the light you shed as a Torch- bearer to help all those who surround you and touch your life. By your shining example, you will show them the virtue of service to others and how in the long run, the person giving service to others, does indeed give themselves the best gift. It is no surprise that one of the rewards for service is love and that love will be the fuel for your torch. You have been wrapped in the love of your sisters from the beginning of your journey, that will never cease. Certainly there is also a love from those you have never met because of the service you have so selflessly given to others. It is the shining example of this attribute that will furnish an unquenchable fuel for the Torch you will carry from this moment on. Itis in your hand to carry this light with pride as well as humility, to know what sights to shine a light upon and what is better left shrouded in darkness.

Torchbearer Ritual 7

Torchbearer Ritual 7//We have always looked to you for guidance and have followed your light, now you have officially taken the step to be a Torch- bearer of Beta Sigma Phi. Sister(s), you have been found worthy to pick up the Torch of Beta Sigma Phi and take the designation of Torchbearer, will you accept the challenge?//Answer, "I will."//You will now shine out as a TORCHBEARER of Beta Sigma Phi, again, an honor you have earned and will continue to earn each and every day of your life.

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