Perceptor Ritual

Perceptor Ritual 1

Preceptor Ritual 1//Dearly Beloved: We are gathered together to celebrate by beautiful observance an honor to be conferred, a trust affirmed and an obligation thoughtfully considered and individually elected. We are here to give recognition of advancement to Exemplar members who desire to go forward to higher degrees of service and obligation, whose loyalty and devotion we have known, and who are worthy of further honor in the realization of our ideals

Perceptor Ritual 2

Preceptor Ritual 2//Beloved Candidates: We are gathered here to honor you because you have so greatly honored us. You are the woman who wandered by night through the streets of an ancient city and perceived a torch dimly gleaming in the darkness.//You are the woman who asked of Diotima, the wise woman of Mantinea: "What is yon torch, and wherein was it lighted?"//And Diotima called it for you the Torch of Learning, and told you it was lighted from a great fire, which some call Truth, some call Beauty, and some call Love, and told you those who follow it will learn all of these.//You are the woman whose soul roused when Diotima handed to you that Torch, saying, "Thou hast been accounted worthy."

Perceptor Ritual 3

Preceptor Ritual 3/To be a Beta Sigma Phi is to be useful, kind and helpful to your fellow being. To be a Beta Sigma Phi is to be steadfast, faithful and fearless in the pursuit of the high ideal. To be a Beta Sigma Phi is to renounce self and selfishness and assume a queenly quest.//You are the woman who bears the Torch. You are the woman who sought and followed the light. You are the woman who made every sacrifice and every effort necessary to the fulfillment of your vows.//You are the woman who kept within your heart, inviolate, the vision of the pure white flame of love.

Perceptor Ritual 4

Preceptor Ritual 4//But the Torch leads onward, ever onward. Behold the white light of Love passing through the crystal prism of your life to compose for you the Spectrum of Beauty, six magic hues from one white light, six great perfections of your inner self, six new and wonderful ways of love.//Behold the Jewels of your sisterhood.

Perceptor Ritual 5

Preceptor Ritual 5// You wear your jewels worthily. You are the woman who, through the years, keeps the Torch ever burning bright within your heart and living in beauty sheds its light throughout the world.// We honor you for your courage, your vision, your humility, your loyalty, your fellowship and your service.//We honor you as the custodian of these, our Jewels.//We look to you as an Example of Friendship, as adept in learning, and an artist in living. We look to you for inspiration and understanding in the polishing and shaping of the facets of our lives - a slow work perfected in long time, requiring skill and unremitting patience.

Perceptor Ritual 6

Preceptor Ritual 6//Will you accept from us this honor and this responsibility as custodian of our jewels, and will you select one of these jewels for your own special consideration, devotion, and dedication, one jewel to be your next degree of obligation to our ideals?//If so, answer, "I will." Candidate(s) responds

Perceptor Ritual 7

Preceptor Ritual 7//Will you, as a part of this obligation, make every effort daily and in all small ways, as well as large, to practice this virtue in your own life and to encourage and inspire it in the lives of others?//If so, answer, "I will." Candidate(s) responds

Perceptor Ritual 8

Preceptor Ritual 8//Pause now and ponder well.//Shall it be the Red ray of Courage to make us fearless and daunt- less in the pursuit of our ideal, that virtue without which nothing is achieved?//Shall it be the Yellow ray of Vision, which gives to courage enthusiasm, that attribute which is the perception of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen?//Shall it be the Blue ray of Humility which makes us seek nothing for ourselves and makes us meek in the presence of the miracle of Being?//Shall it be the orange ray of Loyalty, that unswerving purpose which keeps us true and steadfast in an obligation?//Shall it be the Green ray of Fellowship, that dear love of comrades which extends itself in consideration and enjoyment to all fellow beings?//Shall it be the Violet ray of Service, that gift of yourself to Life, in which love is forgotten?//All of these jewels, these colors, these rays, have been long and worthily reflected in your life as a Beta Sigma Phi. Which will ye now choose for especial devotion and dedication and as your next degree of Exemplar obligation to Beta Sigma Phi?

Perceptor Ritual 9

Preceptor Ritual 9//As custodian of these jewels of our sisterhood, will ye henceforth cherish your chosen jewel, keeping it foremost in your mind and heart, in every hour of every day to the end that all you say and do reflects its beauty and inspires its reflection in the lives of others?//If so, answer, "I will." Candidate(s) responds

Perceptor Ritual 10

Preceptor Ritual 10//Accept now this pin, symbolic of the Preceptor degree.//Its jewels represent the six virtues and your responsibility to perfect each of them in your own life. Its blue background rep resents that humility which comes to those who mature in wisdom and who know that they live their lives outside themselves. Henceforth, she shall be known as a Preceptor member, who has advanced to her next degree of obligation, devotion and dedication.

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