Exemplar Ritual

Exemplar Ritual 1

Exemplar Ritual 1 Out of the darkness came the light. It shineth and shall shine in our hearts forever.//Dear Sisters: We are gathered together to celebrate, by beautiful observance, an honor//conferred upon us, a trust affirmed, and an obligation thoughtfully premeditated and//individually elected.//We, as members of Beta Sigma Phi, have been found worthy of the recognition and//responsibility of that status of trust and honor known to us as the Exemplar Degree.//Diotima, the Wise Woman of Mantinea, instructs us, Keep your observances beautiful and perforce your lives will become beautiful.//In proclamation of these things you will now join me in the responsive reading of our Ritual.//Together we have attained the first great lesson of our sisterhood---the lesson of Love---//through Life, Learning, and Friendship.///Candidates respond: Together we have followed the great Torch--the red ray of courage, the yellow ray of Vision, the blue ray of Humility, the orange ray of Loyalty the green ray of Fellowship, and the violet ray of Service.

Exemplar Ritual 2

Exemplar Ritual 2 A Living Masterpiece//Together we have learned to translate into Life, as we found it traced in our hearts, a pattern of loveliness in Conduct, Expression and Purpose.///Candidates: Together we have sought to make of Life a masterpiece of Love and Truth, through renunciation of selfishness and through our own and individual concept of the Beautiful

Exemplar Ritual 3

Exemplar Ritual 3 Encountering the Beautiful//Together we have learned that Beauty is a way of Seeing, a way of Thinking, a way of//Feeling --- and altogether a way of Being. In its Light we have found the radiance of//Truth, the glory of Love, the infinity of Spirit.///Candidates: In our encounter with the Beautiful we have learned to speak out our own rapture, our own wonder and to stand before the vision of our own ideas and exclaim; I, too, am an artist.

Exemplar Ritual 4

Exemplar Ritual 4 Paths to Loveliness//Together we have found innumerable Paths to Loveliness. The splendor of great//design, the magic of color, the grandeur of orchestral thunder, the solemnity of carved//stone ---and these we have learned to recognize as our own Splendors, our own//Grandeurs and our own Solemnities.///Candidates: Together we have learned the unity underlying all arts, and have learned to become ourselves a part of that unity.

Exemplar Ritual 5

Exemplar Ritual 5 Dream of Happiness//Together we have sought our heritage of Happiness, and found its promise affirmative//and blessed, assurant of our ultimate desire ---the Perfect.///Candidates: Together we have learned to measure the force of a soul by its capacity for joy. We have learned how the great golden dream of happiness comes true and gives to Life and to our universe profound meaning, a value transcending valuation.

Exemplar Ritual 6

Exemplar Ritual 6 Forward Toward the Light//Together we have found that the good life is an expression of the dynamics of the universe toward Love.//Together we have learned the lesson of Light, transcendent Light, intangible but inescapable, indwelling, unresting; energizing Life and directing Love the cardinal forces of Reality.//All this we have attained together, and by this attainment have conferred each upon ourself, the honor of being known henceforth as one who exemplifies the highest purposes of Beta Sigma Phi.//Together we go forward toward that Light which is the symbol of pure Being, Ineffable and uncreated, above Intellection and known only through Love.//Together we go forward to an obligation self-imposed and joyously accepted.

Exemplar Ritual 7

Exemplar Ritual 7 Accepting the Symbols//In this knowledge we accept the symbols and insignia of our Exemplar Degree: the colors white and gold, the badge with its supreme gem of Light, and from our Sisterhood, the Certificate of work well done and worth attained.//_________________, you have received this badge in exchange for your Ritual of Jewels Badge which you have worn so worthily.//Be ye informed of the significance of this badge, emblem of our Exemplar Degree.//Again we accept the great Phi, signifying the golden circle of our friendship.//Again we accept the Beta and Sigma, symbols of Life and Learning.//Again we accept the six pearls. Reflecting the six rays of Beauty which together compose the spectrum of the white Light of Love and Loveliness.//Anew we receive the glowing Torch, its flame now purified and gleaming with the brilliance of earth's most precious gem.//Accept this gem for those things it signifies within the Self. Among the ancients the diamond was revered as bestowing Fortitude and Victory. Let us so regard it.//Among the moderns it is treasured as a Jewel, and useful in the arts and industry. Let us too treasure it.//Most valuable of gems, its Beauty still is enhanced by polishing and shaping. Thispolishing and shaping is a slow work perfected in long time, and requiring skill and unremitting patience.//This jewel has been called a Fragment of Heaven. Its brilliancy and beauty is in the reflection of the Light that reaches it through its many planes.//So shall our Lives be shaped by fortitude and usefulness toward victory.//And so shall we, through polishing the many facets of our being, reflect the radiance of the Light of Love.//And now, with gratitude for the honor conferred upon us, and in glad appreciation of these things, shall we accept the Certificate of our Sisterhood, which nominates us to Exemplify, henceforth, in our world the highest purposes of Beta sigma Phi///Answer I (we) shall.

Exemplar Ritual 8

Exemplar Ritual 8 Presenting the Certificate//I now present you with your certificate and henceforth we shall be known as Exemplars of Beta Sigma Phi.

Exemplar Ritual 9

Exemplar Ritual 9 Inner Beauty and Eternal Love//Come forward now into the light which represents the Gem of Light within yourself, the diamond radiance of eternal love; and standing there. Let each pray in her own way that as the planets are guided in their eternal paths, we may be guided that we may exemplify the high ideals of our sisterhood; that we may be helped to worship by honest work, by willing service, by kind words, and useful deeds; that we may be helped to find life good by doing something to make it good, by advancing with strong heart, firm step, and generous hand.//That we may be taught pure ideals, true thoughts, and noble endeavor --- trusting when we cannot prove and proving when we cannot trust. If our thoughts are dark, may the glory of the stars shine in upon them; and if they be bright, make them to light the pathway of our fellowmen.//May there be added to the beauty of the world about us a finer spiritual beauty within our souls. If there be anything unlovely in our life, may we be helped to seek beneath it for the hidden beauty and this bring to light. May the light shine through us to those that live in the shadow, and so fill us with radiant spirit that we may be a light unto out neighbor's feet and light unto his path. Let us ask that all the ecstatic and abounding Life of the Universe, which is older than antiquity, help us find a new life at every dawn. Let us ask to have generated in us a more abundant life, unquenchable and ever lovely. Let us ask that we may be granted more of life, light, and love, for in receiving these we receive all. Let us beseech that we may be Exemplars in TRUTH. Amen.//So let thy light shine as thou dost go forth to again join thy sisters.

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