Golden Circle

Golden Circle 1

Golden Circle Ritual 1//Will please come forward?//Once again you stand before the Ritual Table, you stand in thelight you entered fifty years ago, with all you have learned, all you have accomplished, and all you have dreamed arrayed around you like a vast garden blooming in riotous color.//And in that flowering is found every color of the spectrum. Red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and violet. These hues you know so well, representing virtues to which you have been devoted for fifty years, are present in this garden, as in your life, in every shade and tint. By that great variety is shown the range of your experience and the breadth of your values.

Golden Circle 2

Golden Circle Ritual 2//There are cool and shadowed places in your garden, restful and welcoming as your friendship. Here are the deepest greens, the green of fellowship.//There also are bright and lively yellows, carrying the eye beyond the near borders, as your vision has extended beyond the short and narrow view.//And blues are there in many shades, reminding us of your humility. They combine with the yellow of vision to produce those vibrant greens we have seen before.//In the deepest shade are violet hues both warm and cool, but all gentle and quiet, reminding us of the spirit of service, composed of the red of courage and the blue of humility

Golden Circle 3

Golden Circle Ritual 3//The joyous brilliant quality of red blossoms in every shade proclaims the courage with which you live your life. Red is part of this garden as courageous devotion to ideals is part of your life. The colors of red and yellow intermingle to form the color which represents that one virtue which as sustained all the others for fifty years. Together they form orange, the color of loyalty. And it is for this, more than anything else, that we honor you today. Your loyalty to your sisters and to Beta Sigma Phi over the years is like a golden circle. It is a circle which includes all who are worthy of your friendship and excludes only those things which are unworthy or unlovely. Everything of the good, the true, and the beautiful is a part of your golden circle, and life, learning, and friendship are part of its fabric.

Golden Circle 4

Golden Circle Ritual 3//Because you have been loyal to these precepts for fifty wonderful years, we now bestow upon you the award of the Golden Circle. Now accept this yellow rose token of this honor and of our love and respect for you.

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