Silver Circle

Silver Circle 1

Silver Circle Ritual 1//Sisters in Beta Sigma Phi, you stand once more as you have so many times in the past before the Ritual Table. You stand not in darkness as once you did, for the light of Beta Sigma Phi shines forth from you. The torch you have carried so well lights the way for those who follow you. Now its light falls upon these candles of colors red, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet, representing the six virtues to which you have for so long been pledged. Let us recall them together.//We light now the red candle, and the red of that flame shall be courage, such courage as you have demonstrated in your many years of membership. It is the courage with which you have pursued our ideals and by which you have overcome many difficulties, achieving your goals, making the most of your talents.

Silver Circle 2

Silver Circle Ritual 2//We light now the yellow candle, and the yellow of that flame is vision, which has given enthusiasm to your courage, which has enabled you to see beyond your own self, to perceive those things worth hoping for and to be assured of the reality of those great ideals and truths which cannot be seen.

Silver Circle 3

Silver Circle Ritual 3//We light now the blue candle, and the blue of that flame is humility. It is that humility that you have felt which has caused you to seek nothing for yourself and which makes us all meek in the presence of the miracle of being.

Silver Circle 4

Silver Circle Ritual 4//We light now the orange candle, and the orange of that flame is loyalty, loyalty which you have displayed toward your sisters, your chapters, and your organization, and which is a part of every relationship in your life. It has kept you steadfast and enabled you to set aside discouragements.

Silver Circle 5

Silver Circle Ritual 5//We light now the green candle, and the green of that flame is fellowship which you have extended not only to us, your sisters, but to all fellow beings. It is friendship which makes of life a garden rather than a barren waste.

Silver Circle 6

Silver Circle Ritual 6//We light now the violet candle and the violet of that flame shall be service which arises from both humility and courage. It is a gift of yourself which you have made to life, forgetting yourself.//We need these candles as symbols no longer, for the virtues they represent shine forth from you and we have before us the silver candle, representing the silver circle of Beta Sigma Phi, of which you have become a member in grateful acknowledgment of your 25 years of steadfast devotion to those virtues, and that light which shines from you shall not go out forever.//Welcome to the Silver Circle of Beta Sigma Phi.

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