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302 points           

     Using recently discovered minutes from 2013 until present, Online Beta has consistently been receiving three

     stars.  Please let Web Design know if you have any information on previous years' star ratings.

     Pending is the image of the four star certificate received when Online Psi was Friendly Ventured by OLB in

     July 2000.  


 367 points


339 or 449 points                                                                                                            ??? points


 418 points                                                                                                           ??? points


 380 points                                                                                                          304 points


over 400 points                                                                                                          ???  points

Cathy Hilden


Cathy was born October 1, 1943.  She left on a new adventure on September 17, 2016. In life Cathy worked as a PE teacher and coach.  In retirement she traveled around the US in her RV.  In 2000 she became an honorary member of OnLine Beta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.  She helped set up our web page and taught us how to work a chapter via e-mail.  She was valuable in helping us show Beta Sigma Phi International that we can function very much like a land chapter and was our first pledge in 2001 and was our Valentine Princess and Woman of the Year that year.  In 2016 on her birthday we give the Memorial Ritual to this beloved sister instead of giving her the Preceptor Ritual.

January 3, 1998

January 3, 1998

July 17, 1999

January 3, 1998

December 3, 1997

The OLB website has won the "My Community Leader award of Excellence" from The Neighborhood Advisor. The award was given "because it was one of the Top sites in the 5900 Block." Geocities is a virtual community, and the OLB website was located in the Wellesley Neighborhood for Women's Issues and Organizations. .

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