(Roman numeral V - SRs 1 through 4 will be changed to I through IV)


     A.  Elective Officers:  Officers of this Chapter shall assume the same duties as in a Land

           Chapter in addition to the following:


           1.  President: The President shall direct meetings of the Executive Board held via a

                method agreed upon by the members of the Executive Board.

           2.  First Vice President:

                a.  She shall accept applications for membership, check with International to assure

                     that any sister wishing to join OLB is current in her International dues, notify the

                     membership of new members and members who become inactive in the Chapter.

                b.  By the August meeting, she shall complete a yearly check with International to

                     assure that all members are current in their International dues and report her

                     findings to the Executive Board (include names of sisters) and to the general

                     membership (just let membership know the number of how many sisters owe

                     International dues - no names).

                     (1)  First Vice President will contact separately, those members (that owe

                           International dues) and say that they have 14 days from date of e-mail to

                           become a member in good standing by paying said dues, or member will be

                           dropped from active membership with OLB.

                c.  She shall keep all members' names, members' numbers and e-mail addresses

                     current.  She will notify List Administrators and Web Page Designers of updated


           3.  Second Vice President:

                a.  She shall conduct pledge training for all new pledges to OLB.

                b.  She shall work with the First Vice President and assist her in making contact                             with new members and members who have become inactive in the Chapter.

                c:  She shall be responsible for tracking information for the Chapter Yardstick,                               completing it and submitting it online to International after the May meeting

                     but no later than the June 20 International deadline.

           4.  Secretary:  Shall e-mail minutes of the meeting to all members for review. She shall                  notify the Executive Board when a quorum has replied to the monthly reports of                        business. She shall e-mail a copy of any correspondence to the membership when                    directed to do so by the Executive Board.

           5.  Treasurer: 

                a.  The Treasurer shall prepare and present a proposed budget to the Executive

                     Board for consideration before the June meeting.

                b.  The Treasurer shall keep detailed records of all deposits of dues and other

                     incoming funds as well as detailed records of all disbursements from the bank

                     account.  A member expecting to be reimbursed for expenses must submit a

                     request to the Treasurer for payment.  Reimbursement for items not previously

                     approved in a budget must be approved by the Chapter.

                c.  The Treasurer will provide a report of delinquent dues to the Executive Board.

                d.  The books and records of the Treasurer shall be closed for audit after the end of

                     the May Chapter meeting.  The Treasurer will appoint an Audit Committee

                     composed of two individuals not related to any Chapter member. The Treasurer

                     shall provide the Audit Committee with a copy of all banking transactions for

                     the Chapter year for audit review.  The Treasurer will provide a copy of the audit

                     report to the outgoing Executive Board and the incoming Executive Board before

                     the June meeting.

                e.  The Treasurer shall prepare and provide a final, actual budget to the incoming                         Treasurer.

                f.   The Treasurer shall prepare and provide a reconciliation of dues collected for                           the current year and dues collected for future years to the incoming Treasurer.

                g.  The Treasurer shall prepare and provide the incoming Treasurer and incoming                         President with login credentials to all online banking accounts.

     B.  Qualifications, Nominations, Elections, and Installation of Officers

           1.  Qualifications:

                a.  All officers of the Chapter shall be in good standing with OLB and International.

                b.  Candidates for Treasurer shall submit personal/business references to the                                 Nominating Committee for approval.

               c.  A member may run for re-election to office to a maximum of two consecutive

                   terms.  After being out of office for one year, she may run again for the same

                   office if she wishes.


           2.  Nominations:

                a.  Nominations shall be made by the Nominating Committee.

                b.  Nominations from the membership shall be accepted by the Nominating                                     Committee until February 22.

                c.  Nominees and their qualifications shall be submitted to the membership via the                       OLB mailing list by March 7.

               d.  A candidate for office may post to the list her qualifications, BSP history, offices

                    held, and a brief statement concerning her personal goals for the office and the

                    Chapter for the coming year. Other Chapter members are restricted from

                    advocating the election of any candidate, but are free to post questions regarding

                    a candidate's qualifications to the OLB e-mail list, with responses to be posted

                    there as well.


               e.  A final slate of nominees shall be submitted to the membership via the OLB

                    mailing list for a vote at the March Chapter meeting.

           3.  Elections:

                a.  The Teller Committee will count the votes and report the final results to the                               President, who will inform the membership.

                b.  Any tie votes will be re-submitted to the membership as soon as possible with

                     the same procedures of voting and notification.

                c.  In the event that the nominated slate of Officers is not contested, the Secretary

                    may cast a vote to elect the slate.

           4.  Installation:

                a.  Officers shall be installed at the May meeting before the Closing Ritual is                                   posted.  The incoming President shall then post the Closing Ritual and open the

                     list for Chapter Chatter.


               b.  The newly-elected officers shall be installed via e-mail by posting their response                      to the installation rituals.


               c.  The outgoing President shall conduct the installation or appoint someone to act in

                    her place.

(Roman numeral VI - SRs 1 through 5 will be changed to I through V)


       A.  The Executive Board of OLB shall consist of the following: President, First Vice                           President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

       B.  The Executive Board, after a majority vote of the Board, reserves the right to request                 the resignation of any Chapter Officer that is found not to be performing the duties

             of her office.

       C.  The Executive Board may appoint the past President of the Chapter to serve as an Ex               Officio member of the Board.  In this position she will serve as an advisor to the                         Board because of her knowledge of the Chapter's recent history.  This position does                   not carry any voting privileges on matters that come before the Board.

      D.  The Executive Board is responsible for submitting a proposed budget to the member-                ship at the June meeting.