Sisters,  that's what we are,
Gathered near, gathered far.
Different backgrounds, and lifestyles too,
 Land and cyber chapters,  quite a few.

Common bonds, goals and dreams,
 Encouraging each other, to live our dreams.
 Threads of friendship in sisterhood,
 Growing love and respect in all we do.

Sharing our talents with our chapter,
Making our world better hereafter.
Helping each other through the bad and good,
Tightens the bonds of sisterhood.

Sisters by choice, that's what we are,
Around the globe, near and far.
by Jennie Priven 



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Woman of the Year

Dorothy M

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2021-2022 Executive Officers

Kandy L., President

Terry C., 1VP
Tracey L., 2VP

Tracy L., Secretary

Rebecca S., Treasurer


23rd Birthday Party

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Bubbles of Friendship
By Linda Hagenson

Bubbles of Friendship blowing

your way,

sending our prayers and
good wishes today.

We send sunshine and rainbows
and bright flowers too,

and want you to know that our thoughts are with you.

2021 Valentine Queens

Sisters With the Key to Friendship

Pin designed by Toni Davila